Diaconal education

Elementary School, Secondary School and Kindergarten in Český Těšín and Elementary School and Kindergarten in Krnov are part of Slezská Diakonie. Both schools offer education for pupils with special education needs. The school in Český Těšín runs separate branches in the towns of Karviná, Bohumín and Ostrava.

Educational Centre

Slezská diakonie became a certified educational institution already back in 2007 based on the decision of the Ministry of labour and social affairs. Since then, Slezská diakonie gained 21 educational programme accreditations. We also prepare regular internal training for our employees and internships.

We offer courses for the employees of Slezská diakonie bur also for employees of other organisations in the region. In case of your interest, we can organise a course designed for your employees.

 We possess excellent technical equipment corresponding to modern trends and demands in the field of education. Barrier-free schooling facilities are located in our headquarters in Český Těšín, Dukelská 264/5, we also have schooling facilities in Ostrava and Krnov.