Are you 18 – 30 years old? Would you like to acquaint yourself with foreign work environment? Do you want to help others?

The international volunteerism programme provides all young people aged 18 – 30 with a unique occasion to experience voluntary service in social and educational institutions or organizations across Europe and other parts of the world.

Slezská Diakonie is a coordinating, hosting and sending organization. Young foreigners can become volunteers either at various centres of Slezská Diakonie or in other facilities which cooperate with our organization.

Our main aim is to introduce young international volunteers to voluntary service at home or abroad, in order to support their personal and spiritual development.

To attain these aims, we set up the following objectives:

  • Providing volunteers with intercultural and ecumenical learning
  • Supporting volunteers’ awareness of social responsibility
  • Mediating better knowledge of volunteers’ work environment and providing advices on how to integrate into it
  • Developing communication skills of international volunteers, as well as their sense of team work
  • Providing volunteers with an occasion to decide on their future career

Since 2005, Slezská Diakonie hosted 50 international volunteers from Denmark, France, Israel, Palestine, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine and the United States. Exchange stays of Czech volunteers are organized within specific projects implemented in cooperation with partner hosting organizations (members of the EDYN/Ecumenical Diaconal Year Network). So far, Slezská Diakonie sent 5 young Czech volunteers to Hungary, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Denmark.

For more information on the international volunteerism programme, see

If you want to join the adventure of voluntary service, contact Zuzana Nestrojová (tel. +420 558 764 342)

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