Jesus Christ as a source of our faith and example for our work
The client as a creation of God
Personal growth, loving relationships
Respect, responsibility and transparency
Personal Growth and team organisation
Ethical code

Our motto: We are bringing the light to everyone's life

The basic and important values ​​of Silesian Diaconia are an essential element which is also expressing the identity of our organization - so each value is interchangeable and irreplaceable in our work. 

Jesus Christ as a source of our faith and example for our work

The source for our work is the Bible and God's love revealed to the people in Jesus Christ as our only one Saviour. We derive our work from the biblical verse:”For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3,16). We want to let the character of Christ be visible in our work naturally – in our behaviour, service and life. We apply these principles not only in theory – we organise regular meetings which are voluntary. There we introduce the character of Jesus and the biblical truths, we emphasise praying during work meetings, we honour Christian festivals, we support the cooperation of the SD centres with local churches, we accept spiritual support of pastoral workers and pastors themselves.

The client as a creation of God

We are aware of the individuality of every client and we try to fulfil all of his basic needs (physical, psychical, social, spiritual – holistic approach), that we realize and even those we do not. We use this biblical verse as our guideline: ”Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.“ (Proverb 3,27). In the reality we apply this by emphasizing the uniqueness of every human being. We respect everyone’s right for decency and respect towards him.

Personal growth, loving relationships

We are offering to everyone an individual approach while respecting the basic rules of service provision. We introduce workers to the possibilities, limitations and knowledge of social network.

We strive to create healthy relations between people in the organisation including the relations with our clients. We consider forgiving and reconciliation to be very important when solving problems. In practice we apply this principle by being a living example, listening to each other’s advice, clear and open communication, using clerics when solving problems, acknowledging our mistakes and forgiving each other.

Respect, responsibility and transparency

We respect the needs and specifics of individual - coworkers, clients and other organizations. In the practice we apply this by learning about the region where we operate. 

We demand responsibility in relation to the employer, among the employees and in relation to the users. We consider family, health and the environment to be our responsibilities as well.

We strive for sincerity – so that these values are in accordance with our personal and professional lives. In practice we apply this by communicating frankly and clearly on all levels. We are trying to create harmony between our rules and the actual services we provide.

Personal Growth and team organisation

We create space and conditions for professional, personal and spiritual growth.

We prefer an innovative and creative environment where everyone can contribute with his personal potential while also respecting a principle of loyalty. We believe that we can do more together rather than each on our own

Ethical code

This ethical code is dedicated to employees, volunteers and trainees of Slezská Diakonie. It describes the character of the organisation, makes fulfilling its mission easier, provides protection of our clients’ rights, sets boundaries of work and has significance in creating a professional identity. Individual centres also operate under the Ethical Code of a social worker in the Czech Republic, professional ethical codes and respect the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

The mission of Slezská Diakonie is to provide quality social services based on the principles of Christian values.

Slezská Diakonie is a Christian non-profit organisation which bases its activity around practical realisation of the biblical principles of love and service to the needy. Slezská Diakonie provides help to all who need it regardless the age, gender, religion, health condition, handicap, social status or any other unfavourable life situations.

Etický kodex Slezské diakonie




People with disabilities

We are supporting people with disabilities to live a quality life since their birth.

Elderly people

In Slezská diakonie, we are providing services for the elderly people so that they would be able to have full enjoyment of their lives. 

People in difficulties - families and children

People who got into a difficult life situation can come to our citizen's counselling centres and we are going to help them in their situations. Also we are providing services for the children.

Homeless people

Homeless people can find refuge in our shelters for homeless people, low-threshold day centres or night shelters of Slezská diakonie.

People with mental illnesses

We are helping people with mental illnesses to live a good life in spite of their difficulties. The clients are finding sensitive approach, understanding and support in our social services. 

Foster family programme

We specialize in an individualized and expert help for foster families. In case the need arises, we offer additional social services to the foster families.

Education and schools

The educational centre offers a number of educational programmes for social service workers. We dispose of a network of schools for students with special educational needs.


We are cooperating with a lot of social organizations on the national and international level.