People with disabilities

We support handicapped people to live a quality life since their birth.

Elderly people

In Slezská diakonie, we provide services for the elderly as well.

People in difficulties

Individuals who got into a difficult life situation can turn to our citizen's counselling centres or the counselling centres for victims of domestic violence run by Slezská diakonie.

Homeless people

Homeless people can find refuge in our shelter for homeless people, low-threshold day centres or night shelters of Slezská diakonie.

People with mental illnesses

We help people with mental illnesses live a good life in spite of their difficulties. Our clients can find sensitive approach, understanding and support should they decide to use our services.

Foster family programme

We specialize in an individualized and expert help for foster families. In case the need arises, we offer additional social services to the foster families.

Education and schools

The educational centre offers a number of educational programmes for social service workers. We dispose of a network of schools pro students with special educational needs.


Slezská diakonie organises a programme of domestic and international volunteering. More about the programme can be learnt here.