The mission of Slezská diakonie is to provide quality social services based on the principles of Christian values.






We bring light into the lives of the needy.


The vision of Slezská Diakonie
We wish to be a recognized organisation on a regional, national and international scale providing high-quality social, health, educational and pro-family services. We want to develop social businesses, social housing and other innovative activities. We make our vision a reality in accordance with Christian values with an emphasis on our organisation’s culture.


The main goals of Slezská Diakonie
To provide high-quality social and healthcare services in accordance with practical realisation of the biblical principles of love and serving those in need
To provide a wide range of services corresponding with the diversity of human needs
To develop teamwork inside the organisation



We do our best so that our predefined values influence all aspects of our organisation – leadership and management, ethical code, evaluation processes, approaching individual and corporate donors or public relations.
What are the basic Christian values that we build upon?
The person of Jesus Christ as a source of faith and an example for serving others and for life
We consider our clients creations of God


Key values:

1. Help for anyone – personal attitude
2. Responsibility on all levels
3. Personal growth
4. Loving relationships
5. Team organisation
6. Transparency
7. Respect
8. Ethical Code (full version here)


Ethical code of Slezská Diakonie

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