Top Management of Slezská Diakonie

Since the end of 2010, Slezská Diakonie has been headed by its new director, Mgr. Zuzana Filipková, PhD. She deals with crucial aspects of the existence of Slezská Diakonie in cooperation with the vice-director for social work, Mgr. et Ing. Romana Bélová, and the vice-director for operational matters and economic activities, Ing. Bronislav Kostka.

Particular centres of Slezská Diakonie are not independent legal entities. Instead, they are governed in a centralized way by the headquarters of Slezská Diakonie in Český Těšín. The headquarters is composed of two buildings, namely “Headquarters A” (Na Nivách 7, Český Těšín) and “Headquarters B” (Dukelská 264, Český Těšín).

Headquarters is divided into several departments and sections, each of them focused on a specific issue. Together, they are responsible for the efficient management of Slezská Diakonie as a whole.

Executive Board of Slezská Diakonie

Members of the Executive Board schedule meetings of the Assembly of Slezská Diakonie and discuss the key operational issues related to the management of the organization, such as control and evaluation of economic activities, staff matters, appropriate composition of regional boards and their activities. In December 2010, the Board was extended as the director of Slezská Diakonie became its new member and was appointed, by virtue of her office in Slezská Diakonie, new vice-chair of the Board.


Members of Board of Slezská Diakonie


  Name Office Profession
Mgr. et Ing. Jiří Kaleta Chair Pastor of SCEAV*
Ing. Česlav Santarius Vice-chair Advisor, management consultant
Mgr. Zuzana Filipková, Ph.D. Vice-chair Advisor, management consultant (SD)
Mgr. Roman Brzezina Member Pastor of SCEAV
Mgr. Lenka Waszutová Member Head of Departement of Personnel Management, Foreign Relations and PR
Arnold Macura Member Director of POLNACORP
Mgr. Witold Strumpf        Member Pastor of SCEAV
Lumír Svoboda Member Head of Building Maintenance, OKD Mines, VOJ Service Centre
Bc. Pavel Taska Member Pastor of SCEAV
Ing. Jiří Ziętek Member Director of METALURGIA, S.A.
Bc. Marta Czyžová Member Vice-churchwarden

*Silesian Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession